Honor the Energy

"Celebrate your income and all it represents. Designate a special object in your home that will remind you of your income sources and the blessings each brings you. Make sure the object is something you can see every day, such as a small statue or piece of art. Thank God at every turn for material blessings. Learn to love and appreciate the beauty of money in your life. Trust money as you would other forces that come and go in your life with whatever constancy and regularity.

"Compose your own money prayers. Make the prayers part of your daily dialogue with God, remembering that nothing is too small or too unimportant. Keep the prayers short and, if possible, commit them to memory. Like a mantra, voice these money prayers while in your car, on a bus, in the park, or whenever you enter into the arena of commerce. Each prayer is a stepping-stone, and uttered often can take you beyond financial fear, transporting you to where God lives and keeping you in touch with the divine hand. . . ."

Release the Energy

"Light a scented candle when you pay your bills. Put on soft music. You are not alone as you dispense your money; the candlelight is a powerful symbol of God's presence. Pray over each bill, thanking God for the electricity that cooks your dinner and runs your dishwasher, the water that bathes your body and your lawn, and the movies that entertain you month after month. Use a lovely pen. Keep your checks and bills neatly organized, perhaps using colorful clips. After you write each check, jot 'thank you' on it. Stuff the envelopes, seal them, and pop Love stamps in the corners. You'll feel that energy released for your money allows you to participate in something grand and mystical: the very functioning of human commerce on a planetary scale. . . .

"Make a habit of often spending a small amount on someone else. Slip money into a charity box or buy someone's lunch. Spending money on deserving people and causes makes life better. If you believe you're struggling to get by, reduce your giving, but always practice generosity, toward yourself and others, to feel abundant. It's a law of nature: you're richest when you give it away."