"When shakti moves within, it is the Great Feminine trying to get our attention.

"When shakti moves within, our entire lives can change. There may be great upheavals that occur from nowhere. They can be disconcerting, maddening, frustrating, joyful, and life-altering, but they always move us forward.

"When shakti moves within, we must often shift from our comfortable positions (physical. emotional, and mental) or suffer some consequence until an important lesson is learned.

"When shakti moves within, the extent of our ignorance about spiritual things is made abundantly clear.

The movement of shakti within cannot be stopped, but it can be redirected. We may have no choice but to heed its call, but choices among the paths emerging from our decisions still remain.

"The movement of shakti within inevitably leads to both Love and Knowledge, in this or a subsequent life. The Great Feminine is loving and giving by nature. Therefore, we must assume She is trying to give us something new that She thinks we need.

"When shakti moves within, the Great Feminine has blessed us in a momentous way.

"When shakti moves within, Divine Grace is at hand."