"In the last several centuries the symbolic nature — the very soul, if you will — has been removed from most of the sciences. Alchemy was rejected by chemistry; astrology by astronomy; and the inner meaning of numbers and geometric structures, found everywhere in nature and creation, was removed from mathematics as having any sacred meaning. All the aforementioned sciences are, by and large, applied to practical, 'scientific' technology today, and their spiritual connections or implications have been tossed aside as quaint and archaic superstitions. The result is the present ecological peril of the planet and of all life forms dwelling upon it. Science, more than anything in this world, needs to reconnect to the spiritual implications of its own discoveries. For this we need to use the gift within our souls, something far more precious than intellect alone — the gift of feminine wisdom. Logos has lost his bride, Sophia.

"I am happy because I discovered that Sophia means wisdom, and that it is she whom the philosophers sought and loved. Wisdom is no longer for me a white-bearded old man, but an elusive, flirtatious, and merry Holy Spirit (sharp as a tack!), hiding in all creation, waiting for us to discover her through consciousness. We need only a consciousness developed enough to find her hidden all about by looking with a loving eye. An early myth surrounding her speaks of her hiding playfully in 'drops of light' in every atom and within us in every flash of insight. Love and wisdom are one, not opposites. They are enfolded one within the other. One cannot be wise without being loving, or loving without eventually becoming wise — in the sense of knowing when to say yes and when to say no, when to stay and when to go — to learn to distinguish between limits and the limitless."