"I once heard a story about a woman's husband who had returned from the war with post-traumatic stress syndrome. She was unable to deal with him or get him to care for himself and was ready to leave him. But first she sought the help of a healer.

"The healer told her she could make a potion to heal her husband, but it required the chest hair of a bear.

"The woman spent months befriending a bear at its cave. She brought it food and was able to get closer and closer until one day she was close enough to pull the hair and run for safety. She then brought the hair to the healer.

"The healer threw the hair into the fire. The woman screamed 'I risked my life for that hair. You were to make a potion to heal my husband.'

"The healer smiled and said, 'Now go home and be as patient with your husband as you were with the bear.' The ability to wait patiently for something is a valuable character trait. It allows the other person time to know themselves and to heal. The only exception is when the other person's behavior threatens your well-being.”