In his last book Prescriptions for Living: Inspirational Lessons for a Joyful, Loving Life, Dr. Bernie S. Siegel put together a crosscut of stories, anecdotes, and short parables and called it a guidebook for the perplexed. This volume offers a daily topic by the author, along with an inspirational quotation and a "Solution for the Day."

Whereas in the past, Siegel has presented counsel for those with physical maladies and afflictions, here his emphasis is upon coping with life's more common challenges and set-backs. As one would expect, there are comments on living in the present moment, finding joy, looking on the bright side, the importance of attitude, laughter, love, faith, and miracles. Among the many fine quotations, you will find some that leap off the page, such as this one by Abraham Joshua Heschel: "Our concern is not how to worship in the catacombs, but how to worship in the skyscrapers."