"Each of us comes into the world 100 percent intuitive; it's just a matter of reclaiming your birthright. To do that you need to get out of your own way, to strip away the things that are blocking, distracting, diffusing, suppressing, and depressing the natural dance of your intuition. . . .

"To fully realize our intuitive abilities we need to be instinctive, intimate, imaginative, integral, and inspired. Each of these energies is a facet of intuition, our connection to the divine force that moves all things. The problem happens when we stop trusting its supreme intelligence, when we allow our intuition to be overwhelmed and diminished by the loud, reactive, defensive voices of the ego.

"The ego is all about self-importance. Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan calls it a "foreign installation." It has nothing to do with who we really are, where we are going, or how we will get there. . . . If intuition is our super hero, our inner Batman, the ego is our inner Joker, constantly scheming our demise and creating roadblocks that prevent us from fulfilling our destiny. To liberate our intuition, we must outsmart our ego. . . .

"Intuition is your passport to this unseen magical world, which, like the spider web below, has five realms. In each of these realms, you make an offering. Offer your body to the realm of mystery and receive the gift of instinct. Offer your heart to the realm of darkness and receive the gift of intimacy. Offer your mind to the realm of chaos and receive the gift of imagination. Offer your soul to the realm of unity and receive the gift of integrity. Offer your spirit to the realm of destiny and receive the gift of inspiration.

"Your challenge will be to keep a wary eye out for your ego, which wants to ensnare you in its own web of self-importance. In the realm of mystery, it will try to define you. In the realm of darkness, it will try to hide you. In the realm of chaos, it will try to diminish you. In the realm of unity, it will try to separate you. In the realm of destiny, it will try to sabotage you. The ego is all about controlling and fixing you so you aren't free to move, to change, or to grow. To dance your dreams, you need to trust your intuition, for your intuition feeds your soul, and your soul is the most essential part of you."