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Intuition A nine-hour workshop on mastering your intuitive powers in the context of purpose and soul.
You Already Know What to Do An impressive overview of the importance of intuition.
Taoism A wise overview of the watercourse way of Taoism.
Psychic Medicine The story of a psychiatrist who integrates her psychic abilities into her practice.
Wishing Well Explores this amazing faculty and its beneficial side-effects.
Francis E. Vaughan in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Open the doors of intuition
Energy Medicine Presentations by experts on alternative healing techniques and practices.
How to Harness Your Psychic Power Ideas on ways to deepen and broaden our psychic abilities.
The Tao of Unity Shows how this manual of enlightenment can be used as a resource for spiritual growth.
The Spirit of Intuition Discusses the manifold ways individuals can tap into the intuition we all possess.