"As I was saying Allahu Akbar, God is great, a truth came. The continents and the oceans, and whatever lives and happens in or on them, all are held inside that presence. If those beings and events should disappear, God will be visible.

"My prayer is: Give me such craving for pastures, for the greenery beside a fast-moving creek, that straw and piles of rubbish will look like fresh vegetables. Fill me so with bright enthusiasm that any street person will seem like an angel coming toward me.

"Make me hungry enough so a crust of millet bread will taste like fine pastry. This is all one prayer: Give me the same longing that drives a wild-madman-lover out to look for what cannot be found.

"That naked need lives in me as a certainty where I know that whatever I've done wrong is covered by the larger compassion we move inside. That is the meaning of Allahu Akbar.”