"There is another story that was popular in Taiwanese tabloids for a while. It seems that the beautiful young wife of a rich and famous man ran away with an American. Of course the press was merciless with her. Everyone sympathized with the man, assuming he was sad, angry, and humiliated. But he seemed unfazed by it all. His friends asked incredulously, 'How can you be so detached?'

"He answered, 'The very fact that others desire my wife must mean that she is a very good woman. It just shows that I have good taste.'

"Three months later his wife returned to him. Again, the press made a big deal about the turn of events, but the man was still unfazed. He hosted a huge party to welcome his wife back. Again, his friends were quite surprised and asked him how he could be so forgiving. He told them, 'That she returned to me tells me that I am a good husband, and that she cares for me. After having the opportunity to compare our relationship with another, she chose me, and that makes me glad.'

"Is this man wise or foolish? Who is to judge? How can one know his true feelings? I believe this man truly does not overly attach to things, that he had the ability to put things down. This attitude is healthy, and it is relevant to our practice. If you think your leg pains could not get any worse, see it as a golden opportunity to experience such a condition. To experience something you think is beyond your capability is worthwhile. Enduring severe pain tempers your will, determination, and self-discipline. There are different ways to deal with pain, but from the aspect of practice, learn to accept it and then let it go."