"Sports and exercise are perfect environments that provide an opportunity to observe what happens when you create a 'dancing mind,' a nonjudgmental Tao mind. When you catch yourself being the critical judge during a workout or game, let go of the negative comments and become aligned with the Tao, a more natural way, by saying, 'Here I am, doing my favorite thing in the world, just trying to have some fun.' Follow this statement with a quick image of performing well with extreme joy and satisfaction. Notice how quickly your mood shifts and your spirit comes alive.

"In order to help yourself, write a list of your own put-downs (I'm not good enough, I don't deserve, I'm too old . . . too fat . . . too slow) that you recite with regard to your sport or physical life. Then immediately create a list of opposite, positive statements that contradict the negative. You now have a list of affirmations that, when recited on a regular basis, will direct you toward your best emotional, spiritual, and physical self."