This is a very user-friendly handbook for those seeking a spiritual perspective on exercise and movement. The authors blend western psychology and eastern philosophy in their delineation of the Tao of inner fitness.

The key is practice: "The Chinese symbol for practice shows a young bird flapping its wings constantly until it learns to fly. When you wish to learn how to do your 'flying' in sports and exercise, remember the metaphor of the bird. You must constantly repeat your practicing of a certain skill until your spirit takes flight, soaring with joy and enormous magnitude. The physical act of repeated practice can be considered an excellent sacred mentor, creating opportunities for you to learn how to be calm and quiet as you focus on the process of repetitive motion. Practice becomes an in-the-moment, methodical, satisfying experience on the path of mastery."

Each chapter on this five-stage journey contains sections on breath watching, visualization, affirmations, and Taoist applications. The authors present invaluable advice on replacing perfectionism with excellence, making a sacred pledge to perseverance, nurturing the wisdom of moderation and non-excessiveness, working on modesty, and achieving wu-wei — the art of going with the flow in accordance with nature. Whether your forte is individual or team sports, this excellent resource will lift your spirits and improve your game.