"Birth Day Blessing
To Honor a Friend's Birth and Life
To My Dear Friend
Thank You for Being Born!

• I am so delighted you appeared here, to frolic and revel in life, at the same time as me.

• May your year be lovingly filled with expansive thinking, deep loving, intuitive adventuring and unfolding of every description.

• May you fully know and feel the pure value of your being without performance, proof or resistance.

• May you receive fully and completely, each day and night, all that fills you.

• May you give spontaneously without measure.

• May you stand (or lie down) in the center of your life, without explanation or apology for who you are in your essence, for the lessons that come as gifts and for your acceptance of those lessons.

• May you go inside yourself first for love, and then receive and accept love from others.

• May candles leap high and wild at the sight of your sweet face.

Happiest Birth Day Blessings
to You, my endearing friend."