"Clutter steals away our time and saps our energy. It takes time and energy to keep it, to take care of it, to find things we need buried under it. Clutter costs us money when we buy something we already have because we forgot we had it. Clutter makes it hard to relax. It screams for attention, like a cranky child who has been dragged around on errands all day. 'Do something about this,' your house screams. Maybe your spouse or children scream the same thing. (Of course, they don't have any clutter. Everything they have is needed and useful!)

"Clutter does another insidious thing. In a society in which the 'ideal' house would qualify as a mansion a few decades ago, we build or move to bigger houses because society expects this as we become more successful. Perhaps the real reason we 'move up' is because clutter makes our houses smaller. How many of us believe we have outgrown our current house when the truth is that we need to clean out some clutter?"