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The simplicity of Zen The simplicity of Zen
We can get out of God's way We can get out of God's way
Make Room for God Susan K. Rowland on seeing beauty in the clearing away of clutter that steals our time and drains our energy.
Restoring Life's Missing Pieces Caren Goldman on the difficulty of letting go of our dear possessions.
Hear the great chiming within us Hear the great chiming within us
Godfrey Chips, Lakota Medicine Man, in Walking on the Wind I'm the spirit's janitor
Making Space A simple practice for making space -- whether in a drawer or our schedule -- and the value of a weekly Sabbath of uncluttered time.
Enjoy Simplicity Parting with what you don't need.
Out With The Old Cleaning out the clutter.
The Story of Stuff Annie Leonard on having better quality Stuff that lasts longer and is cherished and well-taken care of.