"Rumi, who is familiar with the secrets of the heart, clarified the reason for the fascination and admiration that we feel when listening to a beautiful voice or observing a beautiful landscape, even if we cannot pinpoint our attraction and merely say: 'I like this.' According to Rumi, the admiration that we feel for beauty brings us closer to the Most Beautiful of the Most Beautiful, God. Through the fascination and admiration that we feel for beauty, our heart enters a different state, and we feel a sweet and indescribable excitement. For example, when a (flute), a violin, a piano, or any other instrument is played with emotion, we come under its influence. A beautiful poem, a play that deals with courage, self-sacrifice, affection, and compassion touches us. When we listen to a hymn that is sung properly according to its rules, our personality changes. At that moment we come out of our body and go to a different world. Our spirit is freed from the prison of our body, and we leave our physical existence. At that moment it is as if we became a new person."

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