"We derive no joy from having to be messengers of bad news. The facts are overwhelming: We are clearly destroying our planet's biosphere at a rapid and accelerating rate. We may have just a few years left to take the most drastic measures as a species, not merely as individuals or even as a single nation. The present crisis is something to be very scared about.

"We must not, however, allow ourselves the luxury of being so petrified that we stand idly by, waiting for doomsday. We must act, and we must act now! Is there still time to redirect the tide of events? It all depends on what everyone will do and what, at this point, Nature has in mind. Our own generation may never see the benefits of such a collective turn-about. In an attempt to balance itself, Nature has already mobilized forces to countermand the continuing stresses on the environment.

"Regardless, we owe it to our children and future generations and indeed to all life forms on this Earth, to take incisive action immediately in an attempt to prevent the worst from happening. As responsible Yoga practitioners, we really have no other reasonable option. . . .

"Do something constructive. Start now! If you are a spiritual practitioner and rational, you really have no choice. Even if you don't consider yourself a spiritual practitioner but simply love life or your children and grandchildren, you must still act responsibly and promptly. You must make your thinking and your lifestyle radically green.

"We all must now embrace the Earth as dearly as we embrace our own life, and our love must be charged with great wisdom and compassion for all and with the will to make a difference for future generations while we still can."