"The Latin root of the word redemption refers to being freed from slavery. I didn't realize how enslaved I was until Sr. Thea came along and said you don't HAVE to live as a slave of guilt, anxiety, and fear. You CAN have faith but be riddled with doubt. You CAN be happy with the life that has been given you, not that one over there that you only think you want. Everything you need for the journey is already inside, and best of all, you don't have to do it alone. That's what we are all here for, to guide each other along. Basically what she taught me is to love, to love the life which has been given me to live, to love myself whole and entire.

"If you are in grief, let her show you how to live beyond the emptiness. If you are sick, let her show you how to live with the pain. If you are afraid and anxious, let her walk with you awhile and hold your hand. If you have lost sight of your beauty, let her hold up a mirror so you can see how beautiful you are. Can't you hear her say, 'Maybe I need to see my beauty reflected in your eyes before I can realize I am a beautiful person. Until I have found the beauty in a person, I cannot help that person.' So go ahead, help yourself. These were her reasons for living when she sang and danced among us; these are her reasons, still, in the heavenly choir.

"The spiritual says, 'Over my head I hear music in the air. There must be a God somewhere.' So, sit back and relax, look at what's right in front of you with the eyes of your heart, listen real hard to the music within, know it must be God, and just keep on steppin'."