"Sit quietly in a relaxed posture. Focus on the heart center (in the middle of your chest.) As you inhale, visualize breathing in benevolent energy from all around you. With each exhalation, allow any negativity to be released.

"Reflect on a person or situation in your life you're grateful for. Begin with the phrase 'I'm grateful to . . .' or 'I'm grateful for . . .'

"Invite into your awareness an image of that person or situation. Fully experience your gratitude, taking time to feel in your body the energy of that blessing in your life.

"Take a moment to silently send a thought of appreciation to that person or that situation.

"Repeat this for 10 minutes, reflecting one by one on the various blessings in your life.

"End with the intention to express your gratitude directly to those who've come to mind.

"Notice the feeling of well-being as the meditation ends. As an experiment, do this as a daily gratitude practice for a week and notice its effects."