. . . the art of wise forgetting.
— Evelyn Underhill

Is there wisdom in forgetting,
forgetting the trivial,
the superfluous,
the inane?
Like the missed free throw in the championship game,
or the blunder in the graduation talk,
or the planting of the tulips upside down?
These memories foster self-absorption,
blind us to the present,
waste tons of energy.

To be an artist of wise forgetting
is to become an agent of hope.


The sign hung inside the window:
With a flick of a wrist
and one quick turn, the sign now read:

We've seen the sign
on business doors,
even churches.
Public facilities have their days and seasons
of availability and closure.

As God walks the universe
and encounters human souls,
a sign hangs at the entrance
of every mind, of every heart.

Is it "Open" or "Closed"?

The Lord awaits our decision.