New World Values

"What are some of the values on which the New World is based? The following values are visionary and inspirational, but also practical because they make your work more effective:

• Spirit — honoring the deeper ethical and spiritual dimensions within humanity and all kingdoms of life.

• Community — nurturing a collaborative spirit through participatory, inclusive practices.

• Synthesis — transcending dualities and bringing together the best from all sides into a new fusion.

• Whole Systems, Integral Thinking — seeing a larger context, and taking into account how each part affects the whole and how each issue is interconnected with all others.

• The Good of the Whole — working for the well-being of the greatest number, rather than only a privileged few.

• Multiculturalism and Diversity — honoring the innate value of all people and encouraging the contributions of diverse races, religions, ethnic groups and genders.

• Long-Term Sustainability — honoring the sacredness of the earth as a living organism and protecting the natural environment and ecological diversity for future generations.

• Intuition and Inner Guidance — encouraging inner wisdom, rather than relying on outer authorities, whether religious, scientific or political.

• Self-Reliance — supporting citizens in taking responsibility for their own well-being by self-organizing themselves, rather than depending on government or big institutions for everything.

• Compassion, Justice and Fairness — developing more loving relationships and helping those who have been neglected.

• Balancing Rights With Responsibilities — encouraging a sense of personal responsibility through giving back to society.

• Finding Common Ground to Address Conflicts — using dialogue to appreciate differences, find mutually beneficial solutions, and act on commonalities.

• Prevention — developing proactive strategies in the present to prevent problems in the future.

• Transparency and Accountability — encouraging honesty and authenticity and ensuring access to information and decisions that affect people's lives.

"Let me be clear about one point: There have been enlightened souls who embodied New World values through the ages, even though their societies did not widely reflect those values at the time. But today, millions of people and thousands of institutions around the world are honoring these values and working to embody them."