Zen Habits

"Pray and Meditate daily

"Stop addictive behaviors

"Take on responsibility

"Talk about what is bothering you

"Tune into your body

"Tune into your mind

"Pace yourself

"Understand that life is not a bowl of cherries

"Break down the questions of what truly matters

"Imagine what your life will look like in ten years

"Practice self improvement daily

"Practice self-help daily

"Find out what really matters to you

"Drop unnecessary activity

"Protect your private time

"Accept help

"Don't over plan

"Nuke laziness

"Don't be married to your job

"Create realistic expectations

"Join a spiritual community

"Create opportunities to communicate

"Communicate without talking

"Use technology to your advantage

"Create personal traditions

"Control your thoughts

"Control your actions

"Practice complete openness

"Seek to understand every being

"Tread lightly"