Still at work in his 80s, William Cleary is a poet, novelist, and musician. He has an imaginative way of reframing devotional life as evidenced in the four books of his we have reviewed: Prayers to She Who Is, How the Wild Things Pray, The Lively Garden Prayer Book, and Prayers to an Evolutionary God. In this paperback, Cleary shares 365 prayers animated by his keen creative sense, his mystical vision of life, and his loving heart. You'll find thematic prayers of awe, of bewilderment, at the time of death, in times of depression, in times of doubt, of forgiveness, when a friend is in need, of hope, of rejoicing, of solidarity with the poor, of surrender, and of thanksgiving. Enjoy this brief sampler of prayers by William Cleary:

January 9
We Dare to Name You: When yearning for justice

"O God, loving parent and champion of all the oppressed, of the have-nots, and of the voiceless — we dare to name you thus because prophets everywhere call you a 'God of justice,' a sublime name that celebrates the best in human hearts of which you have ever been the gracious inspiration. Share with us your spirit of compassion and fairness, your holy quality of justice which you wish for your world. We would be your servants and your collaborators this day.

January 26
All Shall Be Well: Giving God trust

"We know, Spirit Mystery, that something creative is happening in our lives all the time, something good going forward despite all we worry about. If even our worst fears came true, in your vast resources of artistry and invention would be some ultimate splendor. All shall be well: that is certainly your decree and you probably can make it happen, for you are God. Out of the greatest horrors you can bring, perhaps not every dream, but every kind of meaningful consummation.
May it be so.