Laws of the Khwajagan

"The following code of awareness and behavior as formulated by 'Abd al-Khaliq Ghudjuvani in the 11th Century has also continued to be a good basis of remembrance for many.

"Remember every breath. As we breathe we should place our attention on each successive breath and be aware of our own presence. Inattention is what separates us from God. The more that one is able to be conscious of one's breath, the stronger is one's inner life.

"Watch each step. Remember where you came from and where you are going. You wish for freedom and you must never forget it. Keep your attention on the step you are taking at this moment.

"Journey toward your homeland. You are traveling from the world of appearances to the world of reality. Man cannot know his destiny as long as he is in the subjective dream state.

"Solitude in the crowd. Enter into the life of the outer world without losing one's inner freedom. Remember God and do not allow yourself to be identified with anything.

"Remember your Friend. You may discover the Friend, i.e., God, through the being of your guide. Let the prayer of your tongue be the prayer of your heart.

"Return to God. No aim but to attain Reality. We must be single-minded about our goal. The possibility of transformation is a gift to be valued above all other possessions.

"Remain watchful. Struggle with alien thoughts. Keep your attention on what you are doing, whether outwardly or inwardly. Observe what captures your attention and why.

"Be constantly aware of the Divine Presence. Accustom yourself to recognize the quality of the divine presence in your heart. The 'loss of self' allows us to participate in a greater Being."