God of justice and grace and mercy:
You have always called your people to be future-pulled, not past-driven.
You invite us to be co-creators in a world that is of your making.
You urge us to risk — even to fail, looking toward a future that is beyond our knowing.
So with humility we pray for guidance as we risk setting forth our best ideas, in full recognition that your future will always be marked by your love for the whole of creation.
So with humility we pray for the courage to follow your will and your way, knowing that you care for every child created in your image.
We walk familiar grounds,
Are touched by the beauty of this familiar place,
Almost surprise ourselves as we quietly —
with some embarrassment —
Declare our experiences spiritual.
So with humility we pray for a holy passion to claim minds and hearts as we move toward a future where success is measured by the finest in human values — a future of justice and mercy and love.
Finally, we are moved to pray for a kinder future for all who suffer, holding in our hearts all who face a future armed with faith alone.
We pray for ourselves, that we might never lose our urge to reach out beyond our own familiar borders.
So with gratitude and humility we receive the many gifts that have been entrusted to our safe keeping.
Teach us, Holy One, to share!