There You Are

You're inside every kindness. When
a sick person feels better, you're

that, and the onset of disease too.
You're sudden, terrible screaming.

Some problems require we go for help:
when we knock on a stranger's door,

you sent us. Nobody answers: it's
you! When work feels necessary, you

are the way workers move in rhythm.
You are what is: the field, the players,

the ball, those watching. Someone
claims to have evidence that you do

not exist. You're the one who brings
the evidence in, and the evidence

itself. You are inside the soul's
great fear, every natural pleasure,

every vicious cruelty. You are in
every difference and irritation.

Someone loves something; someone else
hates the same. There you are.

Whatever eyes see, what anyone wants
or not: political power, injustice,

material possessions, those are your
script, the handwriting we study.

Body, soul, shadow. Whether reckless
or careful, you are what we do. It's

absurd to ask your pardon. You're
inside repentance, and sin! The wonder

of various jewels, agate, emerald.
How we are during a day, then at night,

you are those moods and qualities.
The pure compassion we feel for each

other. Every encampment has a tent
where the leader is and also the wide

truth of your imperial tent overall.