"And now we will speak again.

"Our Creator decided trees will be on Earth, growing here and there; also forests will be growing of trees, groves will be growing on Earth. And it is still true that trees grow here and there. Our Creator decided this will be something important, for from these trees medicines can come. And certain it is, they are still growing, all of them are different in the way they grow.

"Our Creator decided all of the trees will have names, everyone of them that people will know them, the people who will live here on Earth. And it is possible that from those trees, within their families, people will grow well. It is possible that people will draw on those trees when it changes, the wind, when it grows colder, the wind. It is possible that then people will be kept warm and they will work together as one, kept warm by that which he left, the live coals on Earth.

"Our Creator decided the trees will work together well to bring happiness to families on Earth. And we still think it is coming to pass in this manner. And carefully now, the Creator decided, 'The trees will have this one to lead them. People living on Earth will say, "That tree standing there, the Maple, it is a special tree." '

"Our Creator decided 'When it becomes warm, the wind, it is then that the sap will flow, so it is that the maple trees will be tapped, from there it will be collected that it may be boiled down by the people. And so then it will be possible for the people to drink the maple syrup again.'

"And it is possible then that people will be gathered; it is important also that people gather together then. Medicine will be made from the maple syrup, and people moving about, people on Earth will be helped. And when it became warm, the wind, it is true that we saw again this new sap was rising. And it came to pass that we drank the maple syrup again. And it was possible that we were gathered together at what we call Maple Sugar Gathering, the Maple Festival.

"And so it is we thank our Creator in the way that he left it we should always thank him at ceremonies. And we think this ceremony has come to pass. Let us put together our thoughts that we will always be grateful, for it is certain that he is sending them to us, the trees which are standing on Earth. We are the ones our Creator thought of; those trees were meant to be used well by those of us moving about on Earth.

"Carefully now, it is that we thank him, the one who dwells in the sky, Sonkwaiatison."