Michael Caduto is an ecologist, author and storyteller whose work fuses environmental study and activism with the folk vision of Native Americans and other cultures that are rooted in the Earth. The co-author is Joseph Bruchac, a Native American poet, novelist, and storyteller who has won national awards for his writing.

Continuing in the tradition established by Keepers of the Earth and Keepers of the Animals, the authors focus on honoring and caring for plants and the environments in which they grow and flourish. Each of the 18 Native American stories revolves around a plant and its connection to the web of influences upon it. The activities zero in on a sensory awareness of plants, understanding them, and caring for plants and people.

The material in Keepers of Life is organized under the following thematic heads: creation; celebration, thanksgiving and stewardship; flowers and fruits, seeds and spores; survival; and healing our relations.