Seek peace

"Seek peacefulness, not specific answers."

"Because we think we need to know exactly how to proceed in all areas of life and because we harbor particular wants and desires, we seek complicated, detailed solutions for every situation that surfaces. We muddle our minds with worry over how we should do our part in whatever circumstance beckons. Considering the strength of the ordinary ego, that's not surprising. The ego wants what it wants when it wants it!

"There is another way to do our part, however. We can dispense with the idea of detail all together. That may seem unusual but only because we are so accustomed to letting the ego run our lives. Seeking no answer, no solution can be refreshing. Desiring peace rather than a complicated agenda of activities is so much less burdensome. We'll feel like new people, as if a miracle has occurred. And indeed it has. Changing our minds about what to seek changes everything about what we get."

* * * * * * * *

"What I seek, I will find. I will quietly remember this today."
— from Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course