Karen Casey, a writer, international workshop presenter, and lecturer on recovery and spiritual growth issues, has written 20 books including Codependence and the Power of Detachment. To find out more about her, visit her website, www.womens-spirituality.com. She has accomplished 25 years of continuous recovery and her wisdom on the wide range of challenges and problems connected with addiction is widely accepted.

In this daybook, Casey uses selections from six of her books. Here in meditation form, you will find material on helping others, letting go, changing outcomes, listening to God, gratitude, choosing peace, and much more. Here is a sample selection:


"Accepting powerlessness lightens our burdens."

"Coming to believe that we are not responsible for solving anyone else's problems or making anyone else's decisions frees us to pursue our own dreams and aspirations with greater concentration. But it's not easy to give up our control of other people. It's how we thought we were supposed to live. Their burdens had become ours.

"We surely have lots more time to take care of ourselves now that we have begun letting others be in charge of themselves. But we have to watch out for slipping back into our old controlling behaviors. Ingrained habits are hard to change. We have to learn how to savor the extra hours in our day now that we only have ourselves to control. As our accomplishments multiply, we'll find that letting others take care of themselves will be easier."

* * * * * * * *

"I am in charge of myself. What do I want to
accomplish? I can begin right away."
— from A Life of My Own