"As taught by A Course in Miracles, forgiveness is the key to seeing through the countless illusions of our lives and accepting our ultimate reality as spirit: an eternal and immaterial energy of love that far surpasses our time-bound, individual identities. But for most people, forgiveness is not metaphysical but personal — a profound challenge of releasing anger and resentment toward those who have seemed to injure or limit them. It could well be argued that a sense of being hurt is a universal aspect of the human condition, yet each of us tends to view our most serious injuries at the hands of others as unique, unprecedented, and immune to healing. To the aggrieved, forgiveness is seldom seen as a practical choice for healing and may in fact be feared.

"People who are ready for the Course approach to forgiveness have generally reached an awareness that chronic anger and resentment are souring their relationships and limiting their potential in life. The apparent trespasses of others often become impasses in our own psyches, and the key to releasing our habitual blocks to growth is to release others from a historic blame. To help students achieve this release, the Course emphasizes that forgiving oneself is at the root of all forgiveness. That can only be achieved by accepting that love, not fear or anger, resides at the core of our self-awareness. However powerful the temptation to keep justifying our belief in our injuries and limitations, the decision to forgive ultimately yields far more powerful results of personal growth, improved intimacy, and happiness."