"1. God is what is; nature naturing; the source and substance of all reality.
"2. God is intrinsically dynamic, be-ing rather than a being or even a Supreme Being.
"3. God's be-ing manifests in time and space as creation.
"4. You and I and all life are expressions of God the way sunlight is an expression of the sun.
"5. Just as the sun embraces and transcends all of its rays, so God embraces and transcends all reality.
"6. Grace is God's overflowing, infinite, and dynamic creativity manifesting as all possibility — life and death, blessing and curse, abundance and scarcity, and so on — and because it is so, it is called by Maimonides 'wily,' suggesting God's grace is beyond human categories and desires.
"7. God's grace flows out to all beings, offering them the fullness of God's creativity — life and death, blessing and curse (which, again, speaks to its wiliness) — without protecting them from any of it.
"8. The way to live with grace is the Way of Job, the way of radical acceptance that continually recognizes and takes comfort in the holiness of things and thus allowing us to open to the grace of God however it manifests.
"9. Living with radical acceptance is best done through teshuvah (continually returning to the realization of our true nature as expressions of God), tefillah (self-observation in order to see when we are deviating from our true nature), and tzedakah (embracing life, however it manifests, with justice and compassion).
"10. Within the context of Judaism, the mitzvot provide a system of behaviors designed to promote teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedakah and in so doing help us to recognize grace and live graciously."