Symbols of the Hearth

"The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where you help your children with their homework, linger over coffee with a girlfriend or wine with your husband, read the paper, and where countless conversations take place. There are several items in our home that have grown in significance to me and my family over the years:

"The Kitchen Table Think of the memories associated with your kitchen table, rolling out pie dough with your mother, doing school projects with your kids on winter afternoons, sharing a cup of tea with your grandmother or new neighbor, laying out warm tomatoes from the fall harvest. The kitchen table carries as many memories as a photo album. When purchasing or making a table, choose one that can be passed down through generations, one made from real wood that will become lovingly worn and grooved after years of math homework, pumpkin carving, and family meals. Joe made our kitchen table from nineteenth-century beams recycled from a demolished building that had great meaning to us. Along with our living room fireplace, the table is a focal point of our home. Everyone gathers there, and I love how it reflects our history, as well as Joe's artistry and craftsmanship."