Ecstatic Dance

"You do not need to be a dervish or a Shaker to experience ecstatic dance.

"1, Find a simple melody that you can keep in your head. You might listen to a CD of spiritual songs. Choose a song that stirs you deep inside. You can choose to memorize the words or simply hum the melody.

"2. Go somewhere open and peaceful. If weather and environment permits, go to an open field (a rooftop works well in the city).

"3. Stand loosely and remember the melody. Be aware of the beauty around you. Open your arms wide, lift your head, and breathe deeply.

"4. Begin humming or singing. Begin very softly, then let it become as loud or quiet as it inspires you to.

"5. When the melody takes you, begin to sway, to move, and then to dance.

"6. Let yourself surrender to the movement like a river that will carry you joyously to the light."