You Will See for Yourself

"Once our Beloved said, 'Every kind of thing shall be well,' and on another occasion he said, 'You will see for yourself: every kind of thing shall be well.' My soul recognized a number of teachings contained in these phrases.

"This was one: He does not only pay attention to lofty and noble things, but also to things that are humble and small. He cares about the one as much as the other, this as well as that. When he says, 'You will see for yourself: every kind of thing shall be well,' he is referring to this level of care. He wants us to know that he will not forget the least little thing.

"Here is another: From our point of view, there are many actions in this world that seem to be done with evil intent, and we see that they cause great harm. It seems impossible to us that such things could ever have a good outcome. When we think about this, our hearts are filled with such sorrow and grief that we cannot rest in joyfully beholding our God, which we would like to do. The problem lies with our faulty reason. We are too blind to comprehend the wondrous wisdom of God, too limited to grasp the power and goodness of the blessed Trinity. That's why he says, 'You will see for yourself: every kind of thing shall be well.' It's as if he had said, 'Hold this in your heart, in faith and trust, and everything will be revealed to you in the end, and you will see it all in the fullness of joy.

Hidden Blessing

"And so I draw deep comfort from these words, 'I have the power to make all things well,' and I know that our Beloved has many great blessings in store for us. There is something else that the blessed Trinity will do on the last day. I don't know what it is or how it will be done. No creature lower than Christ will know about it until it happens. The loving goodness of our Lord God wishes for us to be aware that it will be done, yet his power and wisdom, which stem from that same love, choose to hide from us exactly what it will be and how it will be done.

"The reason he wants us to know about it at all is that he wishes our souls to rest in ease and our hearts to abide in peaceful love, avoiding the temptation to pay attention to anything that could hinder our true joy in him. Yet it must, for now, remain a secret. It is enough to know that our Beloved intends to bestow a great blessing on us, which he has kept hidden and treasured in his holy breast since before time began. This is the deed, known only to him, that will make all things well. Just as the blessed Trinity created all things from nothing, so the blessed Trinity will make all things well that are not well.

How Could All Be Well?

"This insight struck me with awe, and I contemplated the teachings of our faith, trying to make sense of something that was bewildering me. Our faith is grounded in the word of God, and it directs us to believe that God's word will always be preserved. One of the things our faith says is that many creatures will be damned. Like the angels whose pride caused them to fall out of heaven and become demons, there are those on earth who die outside the faith of Holy Church and are said to be bound for hell. Some of these creatures are heathens and others are Christians who live unchristian lives. We are taught to believe that they will be isolated from God's love for all eternity.

"And so how could it be that every kind of thing shall be well? In light of this teaching, it seems impossible! The only answer I could find in any of my showings was when our Beloved said, 'What is impossible for you is not impossible for me. I will keep my word in all things, and I shall make all things well.' In this way I learned, by the grace of God, to remain steadfast in the teachings of my faith, but that I should also wholeheartedly believe that every kind of thing shall be well, as our Lord revealed to me in these showings.

"This is the great blessing that our Beloved will bestow, and by which he will keep his word and make everything well that is not well. Still, what that deed is and how he will do it remain a mystery to any mind inferior to the mind of Christ. At least that is what I understand from what the Lord revealed to me at this time."