"Anyone who is reading this book is privileged to be educated, literate, psychological, and likely to have an affinity for Artemis. You may have identified with Atalanta and recognize Artemis as a major archetype. You live in a time, a place, and a culture in which this archetype is free to be expressed, as never before in history. If you are drawn to the beauty and mystery of moonlit terrain, which is an aspect of Artemis Goddess of the Moon and of the moon-goddess archetypes, you know something about the liminal, where visible and invisible worlds overlap and words like archetype, angels, and ancestors are meaningful and relevant. This is why you can believe that prayer, mantras, and rituals can have an effect. You may have a sense of an invisible spiritual world when you meditate or pray that connects small self to larger Self, which you also may feel in nature when you are at home there.

"Whether you are in an inner-directed phase or an outer-directed one, experiences of the sacred may evoke feelings of love and gratitude and a sense of blessedness in you. This can be a major source of activism-as-giving-back in Artemis-inspired women and men who protect and rescue children and women, who cherish and protect the wilderness, trees, and animals, who nurture the young of all living things, and who believe that men and women should have equal opportunities and responsibilities to shape decisions that matter. When these beliefs enter the mainstream in the world, a new era — as predicted and anticipated by esoteric sources — will come in, making it possible for humanity and the planet [to] have peace and prosper.

"I believe that tipping points are reached through one person at a time doing whatever it is that rings true for him or her. Each person is part of a web of consciousness and choice that reverberates and ripples in the invisible human matrix that Jung called the collective unconscious and theoretical biologists call the human morphic field. This interconnection is symbolized by Indra's net, in which each individual is a reflecting jewel at the crossing point of strands on a vast net, and a change in one subtly affects all.

"I believe that each of us is also part of an evolutionary journey, a 'perpetual migration' toward becoming wise, to live up to our scientific name homo sapiens from Latin sapienta, meaning wise.

"I believe that we are spiritual beings on a human path and that this life we have is a soul journey. From this premise, it matters that we find purpose and meaning in our lives and that we become the women and men we were meant to be.

"With the indomitable spirit of Artemis, this effort is best done with love, hope, perseverance, and optimism."