Energy Medicine that Addresses the Spirit

· Acupuncture
· Distant healing
· Flower essences
· Healing Touch
· Homeopathy
· Qigong
· Reiki
· Tai chi

"As interest in energy medicine has grown, so has research into various alternative techniques. So far, much of the research is inconclusive, but some intriguing studies and some promising results suggest that addressing the SPIRIT in the form of energy may have significant effects.

"In a 2009 study conducted at Kaiser Permanente, the giant Californian health-care organization, a group of people were offered treatment by Healing Touch, which, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of healing energy from a certified practitioner's hands. Many participants found that the frequency, intensity, or duration of the pain lessened after only a few treatments, and, perhaps even more important, they also 'experienced profound shifts in their view of themselves, their lives, and their potential for healing and transformation.' The researchers concluded that 'energy healing can be an important addition to pain management services.' Other research has found that Healing Touch can reduce pain in older adults, improve pain and mobility in people with arthritis, and soothe pain for those suffering from spinal cord injuries. Healing Touch might even have some effect upon the symptoms of cancer.

"Another form of energy medicine is Reiki, a Japanese healing practice that involves being touched on the skull, shoulders, chest, and back. Numerous studies have suggested that Reiki creates health benefits, including relaxation, improvement in symptoms, prevention of symptoms, better mood, greater well-being, and a decrease in salivary cortisol levels, indicating a reduction in stress. Some research indicates that Reiki changes the functioning of an autonomic nervous system – the part of the nervous system that produces stress and relaxation responses – shifting the balance from unhealthy stress to a healthier state of relaxation.

"Perhaps the most well-studied form of energy medicine is acupuncture, a centuries-old Chinese practice that involves stimulating energy pathways (meridians) with tiny needles. Dozens of published studies indicate acupuncture's effectiveness, such as relieving chronic pain. The success of these therapies is yet another indication of the power of the SPIRIT, and the necessity of incorporating the SPIRIT into our quest for health."

Detoxing Your Spirit: What to Choose

· "Rest and rejuvenation for a wired nervous system
· "A sense of awe regarding something larger than yourself: nature, the human family, the cosmos, or whatever moves you
· "Regular cleansing practices
· "Bright white light in your living space
· "Peaceful contemplation and reflection on your life's calling or your path
· "Quality time in nature: in a forest, on a beach, in the mountains, in the desert

Detoxing Your Spirit: What to Avoid

· "Disruptive electromagnetic fields
· "Activities that change subtle nerve function, such as too much use of your computer or cell phone
· "Overeating or forgetting to eat
· "Disruptions in your sleep-wake cycle
· "Anything that causes physical pain "Situations that make you chronically nervous"