"In writing about the interspiritual practice of Zen and Christianity, I am simply sharing the joy and insights I have experienced with those who may be interested in interspiritual practice. However, I cannot emphasize enough that the key word here is practice. The danger in reading a book like this is that you may think you understand what I am saying, but unless you actually meditate long and strong, with the guidance of an authorized Zen teacher, and with a sangha to support your practice, it is unlikely that you will go deep enough to experience the fruits of Zen practice. The same is true of walking the Christian path. The fruits of the Spirit do not come from reading alone. They come from study, prayer, spiritual direction, loving action, and participation in a Christian community. In my life I have focused on these two spiritual traditions because it is difficult to go deep enough into more than two traditions, and depth is of essence. So whatever spiritual paths you pursue, go deep and bring forth the gifts of those traditions to enrich your life and the lives of others.

"Once Yakusan was sitting in meditation, and Zen Master Sekito asked him, 'What are you doing there?' 'I am doing nothing at all,' said Yakusan. Sekito said, 'You say you are doing nothing. What is it you are not doing?' Yakusan replied, 'Even thousands of old Buddhas do not know.' Sekito approved of Yakusan's answer (Sekida 2005, 263 - 64). Zen meditation is not about doing; it is about letting everything drop away so that you can clearly see what you already are. Along with thousands of old Buddhas, we too do not know. We embrace the inconceivable, which cannot be grasped with the intellect or expressed in words.

"Both Zen and Christianity require you to let go of the ego completely and surrender to that which is greater than your furthest imagination. When you take this leap, you see that you are not separate from ultimate reality or God. You are not separate from your own true identity as a manifestation of ultimate reality or God. Ultimate reality or God is inconceivable, and so are you. You are not separate from other people, the earth, all beings, and the whole universe. In the realization of nonseparation or nonduality, boundless love and compassion arise. You are liberated to live as a decent, authentic, loving human being."