“You have now filled your limbs with the energy of those four sacred places: Mecca, India, Jerusalem, Tibet. You should be able at this point to sense your two arms and two legs as fully online, vibrant with sensation. They have become, to use one of Gurdjieff’s pet words, 'accumulators.' And these accumulators are now fully charged and ready to go.

“While the term, accumulator, often gets explained as a kind of reservoir, I think the term 'battery' actually comes closer to Gurdjieff’s intention. Out here on Eagle Island, my two solar panels collect the energy of the sun and store it in four marine batteries, from which it can be drawn (unless there’s a prolonged rainy spell) to light my house, run my computer, and send you this post. Exactly the same type of collection and redistribution of energy will be at work as we move into the second part of this exercise.

“Remember that the goal here is not to fade out sensation in one limb as you shift your attention to another, but to quietly expand attention so that you can feel the cumulative resonance of all four limbs: your whole body as a single vibratory field….

“Now, lean deeply into this total sensation. As I mentioned in my earlier commentary, your body has now become symbolically coextensive with 'the four corners of the round earth,' and each of your limbs pulses with the subtly different energies of the four great sacred traditions: Islamic, Judeo-Christian, Indian, and Tibetan. If your sensing has become very keen, you may actually be able to pick up these subtly different flavors, but don’t push it with your head; it’s enough simply to know that these great rivers of human longing are like colors of the rainbow, each one of them bearing a unique vibratory expression of the invisible white light of God.”