“When we are emptied of everything vestigial we will find that our innermost self, our deepest and truest self, delights in the law of God because our truest self is a reflection of the glory of God, an image of God. When I am really me, my truest self, I am a reflection of the beautiful image of the Divine. So perhaps it’s not our own will that needs to be demolished, but these other things that have a will of their own and are taking up space rent free inside of us: the tyranny of the false self, the tyranny of sin and addiction, the tyranny of disordered emotions and memories and regrets that lead us to compulsively bury ourselves under layers upon layers of noise or isolation, or hide behind masks and defenses, and in doing so hide not only from the rest of humanity, but hide even from ourselves and ultimately from God’s will, which actually is written on our hearts, buried under all that junk.

“Meister Eckhart said, ‘I never ask God to give himself to me: I beg him to purify me, empty me. If I am empty, God of his very nature is obliged to give himself to me.’ When the Spirit allows us clean hands and a pure heart and tranquil minds, we will be nothing but the glory of God, the Word taking flesh in the fertile garden of our depths. That’s God’s will.”