“There is a beautiful story regarding the perception of God:

“A king once accosted a sadhu with the statement, 'I do not believe in God because I cannot see Him.' The sadhu asked for a cow to be brought to the king’s court. The king obliged and ordered his servants to bring a cow. The sadhu then requested that it be milked. The king again instructed his servants to do as the sadhu wanted.

“The sadhu asked, 'O King! Do you believe that this milk, freshly taken out from the cow, contains butter?' The king said he had full faith that it did.

“The sadhu said, 'You cannot see the butter in the milk. Then why do you believe it is there?'

“The king replied, 'We cannot see it at present because the butter is pervading the milk, but there is a process for seeing it. If we convert the milk into yogurt, and then churn the yogurt, the butter will become visible.'

“The sadhu said, 'Like the butter in the milk, God is everywhere. If we cannot immediately perceive Him, we should not jump to the conclusion that there is no God. There is a process for perceiving Him; if we are willing to have faith and follow the process, we will then get direct perception of God and become God-realised.'

“Belief in God is not a natural process that we as human being just follow. We have to exercise our free will and actively make a decision to have faith in God. In the assembly of the Kauravas, when Dushasan endeavoured to disrobe Draupadi, Lord Krishna saved her from shame and embarrassment by lengthening her sari. All the Kauravas present saw this miracle but refused to have faith in the omnipotence of Shree Krishna. The Supreme Lord says in this verse that those who choose not to have faith in the spiritual path remain bereft of divine wisdom and continue to rotate in the cycle of life and death.”