There was Earth in Them

“There was earth in them and
They dug.

“They dug and dug and they filled
the day and the night. And they didn’t thank God,
who, according to rumor, wanted it all,
who, according to rumor, knew of it all.

“They dug until they couldn’t hear a thing;
they never reached wisdom, they didn’t sing a song,
they didn’t even invent any words.

“They dug.

“There came a silence, and there came a storm,
and there came all the seas.

“I dig, you dig, and the worm digs, too,
and the singing there sings: they dig.

“O someone, o none, o no one, o you:
Where did you go, when there’s nowhere to go?

“O you dig, and I dig, and I dig my way to you,
and the ring on our finger is glowing.”