"Every experience of synchronicity is a daring invitation to let go of ego long enough to design a destiny in accord with the purposes of love," writes psychotherapist, teacher, and workshop leader David Richo in this anatomy of meaningful coincidences. In order to take advantage of the special moment when destiny summons us to move, we need to be open and hospitable to the unknown. Richo believes that synchronicity is at work in our lives through many channels including dreams, inner guides, visions, art, active imagination, and psychic phenomena.

The gift of synchronicity is a grace, and we must welcome it. This means giving up control and embracing our own reality as it is. Taoism gives plenty of hints about such a state of receptivity. We can also get used to synchronicity with divination tools such as the I Ching or tarot. Richo concludes that meaningful coincidences are a summons to spirituality. Through exercises in this paperback he challenges us to open up, to deepen our compassion, and to accept the unity of all life.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Love