"A spirituality that feeds our souls and heals our wounds is one that connects us with the beauty, the enchantment, the sacredness that lies everywhere we look in our own experience, that soaks everything in the world around us," writes Rich Heffern, associate editor of Praying Magazine in this exhilarating collection of his columns. The author sees Christianity as a gateway into a sacred adventure that permeates all of life. He agrees with Matthew Fox who says, "We're here to grow our souls."

Whether writing about the lost art of listening, the acceptance of aging, work as a holy enterprise, the pursuit of justice, or sexuality as "a great mystery that brings beauty, meaning, and divinity into our lives," Heffern proves to be spiritually literate. Hildegard of Bingen, a twelfth century mystic, advised her spiritual directees to be "juicy people" — aroused by life. Heffern displays this quality throughout Daybreak Within. It is especially clear in several edifying chapters on the films and popular music selections that have been spiritual teachers for him, offering ample lessons on the inner life and the culture. Another gem is Heffern's listing of the people he most admires and wishes to emulate.

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