A Call for Connection A clarion call for nothing less than the transformation of society.
A Home in the Heart of a City A model for the formation of authentic neighborhood life.
A Quaker Book of Wisdom This warm, wise, and eminently readable work explores the essence of Quaker thought and practice.
About This Life A look at the world with an exquisite reverence towards all living creatures.
After Heaven A cogent analysis of the history and present state of spirituality in America.
Balancing Heaven and Earth An extraordinary memoir recounting the paths taken on the author's spiritual journey through life.
Bearing Witness A profound book on the spiritual practice of peacemaking.
Cybergrace Offers guidelines for wise stewardship of cyberspace.
Darsan A brief but poignant overview of the importance of this spiritual practice in India.
Daybreak Within A collection of columns about Christianity as a gateway into a sacred adventure.
Faces of Compassion An exploration of the imagery and lore of seven important archetypal bodhisattvas of Buddhism.
Going to Pieces without Falling Apart Resources from the most psychological of the world's religions as a gateway to a more fulfilling life.
Heartwood Duotone photos matched with mystical poems to convey the deep connection between nature and the soul's delight.
Hunting for Hope A veritable treasure trove of wisdom served up with love, imaginative verve, and spiritual sensitivity.
Inner Revolution Wisdom about Buddhist traditions of nonviolence, optimism, and unconditional love.
Living Prayer A call for us to weave all the strands of our experience together around a dialogue with God.
Love, Soul and Freedom A meditation on Rumi's sacred poetry as a catalyst for personal and societal renewal.
Making the Gods Work for You A series of innovative readings of the meaning and applications of the 12 signs of the zodiac.
Meetings with the Archangel An extravagantly imagined and beautifully realized spiritual adventure story.
Power An incredibly convincing and moving portrait of Native American spirituality.
Psalms for Zero Gravity Original psalms for those who are moving from one place or stage in life to another.
Reclaiming Spirituality A celebration of the spiritual renaissance of our time as an alternative to religious fanaticism and indifference.
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar An engaging testament to the stout-heartedness of the Mayan sacred tradition.
Shopping for Faith A thought-provoking analysis of contemporary developments in American religion and spirituality.
Son of Man A bold, untraditional, imaginative, and practical presentation of the mystical journey to Christ.
Sweat Your Prayers An explanation of the many spiritual benefits of dance.
Thank You for Being Such a Pain A profound and immensely practical book on ways to improve the difficult relationships in our lives.
The Argument Culture An examination of the sorry state of public discourse that is tattered by discord.
The Art of Pilgrimage A superb guidebook about the various stages of a sacred journey.
The Courage to Teach Spiritual insights into the mystery and the magnificence of knowing, teaching, and learning.
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers Stories and exercises to unpack the gifts of the shadow aspects of ourselves.
The Five Elements of Self-Healing An examination of how ancient medicine can combat a variety of modern maladies.
The Healing Wisdom of Africa An edifying volume on how the indigenous world speaks to the anonymity and ritual starvation of Westerners.
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching A superb overview of Buddhist practice.
The Kabbalah of Food A guide to conscious eating as an ecological act of spiritual worship.
The Light Inside the Dark A description of the various descents into darkness that are part and parcel of our spiritual development.
The Other Side of the Mountain A glimpse of what a renovated and reverent Christianity could be in our pluralistic world.
The Powers That Be A trenchant theological work about evil, politics, and redemption in our world.
The Shambhala Guide to Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism Timeless spiritual wisdom of Jewish mysticism that speaks to contemporary yearnings.
The Solace of Fierce Landscapes A deeply reverential account of the connection between spirituality and place.
The Soul of Sex An enthralling work on the life-affirming dimensions of sex, eros, pleasure, and embodiment.
The Woman Awake Insights into the important role women are playing in the present-day spiritual renaissance.
Things Seen and Unseen A stirring spiritual memoir that is a testament to the author's supple and imaginative Christian faith.
Thoughts Matter A superb job in resurrecting Cassian's spiritual practices for our time.
Time and the Soul Story-telling and personal reflections to address the mystery of time.
To Every Thing There Is a Season A sensuous celebration of the kinship of all peoples through time and space in this age of global spirituality. For Children
Trust the Process Hundreds of ways to nurture the spiritual dimensions of imagination and creativity.
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road and Other Hidden En… A surefire demonstration of why play is an essential ingredient in spiritual growth