Michael Toms of New Dimensions interviews Connie Zweig who along with Steve Wolf is the author of Romancing the Shadow: Illuminating the Dark Side of the Soul (1997). Carl Jung coined the term which means all that is not in the light of consciousness. The shadow contains all of our forbidden desires, secret wishes, addictions, and hurts. It also is a place where our unused talents and untapped gifts reside.

Connie Zweig, a Jungian psychotherapist, challenges us to see our shadow "as a darkroom, in which our dreams and images lie dormant." Shadow work is "like the process of development by which they come back to life." She also discusses how these dark forces play themselves out in midlife crises, family issues, relationships, and work. Zweig believes that the timeless Greek myths and universal archetypal images help us come to grips with the soul's hidden face.