When Anne M. Johnson read Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea as a teenager, it was a lifeline for her: "I had breathed it. I had drawn life from it. I had wrapped myself up in it like an unborn child nestled in a mother's womb." Now in her 30s, a mother of three, a therapist, and a writer, she returns to the 1955 classic.

Lindbergh spurs Johnson to reconsider the futility of a life without rest. "I had gotten into the habit of thinking I would find rest and security just as soon as I made sure everything and everybody in my life was taken care of. Unfortunately that never came to pass. I could always find just one more task that needed my attention." The author comes face to face with her perfectionism, her workaholism, and her need to find contentment outside herself.

Lindbergh's book ushers Johnson to "the sea of inner stillness" where she finds the healing waters of personal renewal. This inspiring paperback shows how individuals can deepen their spirituality by reading meditative classics.