"We suspect that the Jewish community is moving into what we call a post-denominational period. That is, an increasing number of people observe a mix of customs. Some of these are orthodox, some conservative, some popular," write Sara Shendelman and Dr. Avram Davis, two Jewish renewal rabbis residing in California. This beautifully designed volume shows how blessings and rituals are "gateways into a world where we meet the Divine."

The opening section deals with the traditional holidays of the Jewish calendar with information on meanings, customs, prayers, ritual objects, food, and synagogue and home observance. A wonder-filled section on "Home Blessings" contains material on the Sabbath and new rituals and celebrations. Marcia Cohn Spiegel writes about creating your own blessings and Yehudit Steinberg-Caudill shares her "Creating a Women's Rosh Chodesh Ceremony." Best of all is Shandra Kivel Luckey's explanation of the 100 Blessings in her life as a twelve-year old. Traditions is a user-friendly resource that both Jews and interested parties from other religions can savor and put into practice.