"There is no greater purpose for a Jew than to recognize the possibilities within the present moment, to raise the holy sparks in the everyday world around us, and to bring the divine ideal into the world," writes David Ariel, president of the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies and author of What Do Jews Believe?. This substantive volume is directed towards seekers who want to rediscover the spiritual teachings and practices of Judaism.

For Ariel, this religion celebrates God as both an unfathomable mystery and as present in every aspect of life. One of the major challenges of being human is to nurture the divine image inside ourselves and others. Ariel shows how the soul of Jewish life is deepened through the spiritual practices of listening, compassion, and "the duties of the heart" (practice, love, humility). He also spells out the significance of studying the Torah, observing the Sabbath and its festivals, and honoring rituals such as shivas. Ariel concludes with enlightening commentary on prayer, ways of empowering seekers, and a fascinating meditation on the distinctive Jewish mission to the world.