In this collection of a year's worth of weekly meditations, Scripture verses, and journal exercises, best-selling author Marsha Sinetar explores ways to harvest meaning, joy, and fulfillment from work. The book is divided into three segments: defining what constitutes vocation, hearing vocation's call, and the blessings of a vocation.

Holy work consists in being faithful to our talents and our unique disposition. "Heeding the call of vocation," she writes, "we become a vital cell in the body of humankind. With high-mindedness and perhaps a touch of madness, we grasp the sacred promise in each day's activity. The more we give, the greater our wealth."

Sinetar lays out some of the benefits of being good stewards of God's gifts. They include using trials as stepping stones, moving beyond false limits, making time for beauty, developing a perceptive faith, and accommodating eternity's plans.