It is always possible to find ways to deepen and enrich your job, according to Deborahann Smith, author of Temp: How to Survive and Thrive in the World of Temporary Employment. The first step is to listen to your work and find out what it has to say to you. She points out cases where people have used creative networking, information gathering, and uncovering long-forgotten skills to advance their careers. Smith believes it is also possible to make roadblocks and obstacles on the job into steppingstones to a more flexible work style.

There are many practices that can improve your present employment situation. Smith examines working meditations, creative work breaks, and additional training options. More and more men and women are involved in "patchworking" that can include a mix of part-time jobs, seasonal employment, internships, and contract work. Smith also considers the challenges of quitting a job, transitions, changing careers, and working at home.